To become a member, a lady must:

  • Be related to by birth, marriage or adoption to a member in good standing (or a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of death) to a Noble of Shriners International

  • Or be related to a Master Mason by birth, marriage or adoption

  • Or be sponsored by two members in good standing of the Ladies' Oriental Shrine of North America

  • She must be at least 18 years of age

  • She must be a resident for at least six months in the area of the Court in which membership is desired

... any Court, however, may receive and act on the petition of an individual who lives in a city, territory or state where no Court of the Order exists.

Steps to Becoming a Member:

  • A lady must complete a Petition for Membership

  • The petition must be accompanied by the initiation fee required by the Court to which she is petitioning

  • The petition is presented at a meeting of the Court

  • The High Priestess of the Court appoints an Interview Committee to meet with the lady to determine the ladies’ interest, provide her with information about the organization and answer any questions she may have

  • The Interview Committee reports back at a meeting of the Court

  • Petitioners who are found favorable are balloted upon by the membership of the Court and notified as such

  • A favorable vote is followed by a ceremony of initiation.

To obtain a petition for membership please contact Bokhara Court at: