Important Dates to Remember...

May 11          104th Grand Council Session, Honolulu, HI

May 31           Court Meeting - 5pm Pot Luck - mtg 7pm

June 2               Audit for Grand High Priestess

June 15-16      Grand High Priestess Kris Sheridan's Official Visit
                       Brunch 10:30 - meeting 12:30... 

August 18      Trent-Severn Steak Bar-B-Q and Loonie Auction

September 7   Ladies' Niagara Peninsula SC Official Visit

September 13 Court Meeting - 5pm pot luck - 7pm meeting

September 28

to 30th             GLUM in Chicago, IL

October 2         Sharamazda LSC Official Visit

October 23       Salaam Ladies SC Official Visit

October 25       Court Meeting - 5pm pot luck - 7pm meeting

November 6     Sesemar LSC Official Visit

November 7     Ceremonial Practice

November 10    Ceremony of Initiation and Court Meeting

November 21    Neema LSC Official Visit

December 13     Court Meeting - 5pm Pot Luck - 7pm meeting

January 13         Mid-year Audit

January 19         Court Meeting - 5pm pot luck - 7pm meeting

January 25         Yellow Tassell, Dendarah Court No.10 Toledo, OH

February 23        Court Meeting - 10:00 am - 12:00 pot luck lunch

March 9              Spring Tea 2:00 pm

March 28            Court Meeting & Memorial Service - 5pm pot luck
                            7 pm meeting

April 2019           TBA Installation of Officers
April 2019           TBA Year end audit



Our class fictional characters are the Care Bears who were chosen for their beautiful colours, heart shaped noses, love for children, and most importantly the messages their belly badges represent .